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Stark in 30 seconds 

What the Stark law prohibits.  By its terms, the Stark law applies to physicians, although it is also broadly applicable to other health care providers and organizations. The Stark law generally prohibits physician referrals for certain ancillary health care services to entities or organizations with which the physician (or a member of the physician’s immediate family) has a financial relationship, unless an exception to the law applies.

The Stark law’s basic prohibitions can be broken down into the following elements:

  1. A physician cannot
  2. Make a referral
  3. To an entity 
  4. For the furnishing of “designated health services” that may be payable by Medicare or Medicaid
  5. If the physician (or an immediately family member of the physician)
  6. Has a direct or indirect financial relationship with the entity 
  7. Unless an exception to the Stark law applies. 

Each element has its own specific meaning and requirements which are examined in detail in other portions of StarkCompliancePlus.

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