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StarkAction – What do you want to do? 

The Stark law’s complexity makes it  easy to get lost in the details. Use this tool to focus your use of StarkCompliancePlus on the topics of greatest interest to you. 

Answer the following questions to get a better idea of where to go for information in StarkCompliancePlus. Select the answer that best meets your particular situation.

  • Who are you or who do you “represent” (e.g., who do you work for)?

A.  Physicians - I’m a physician or I work for a physician-owned medical group

B.  Academic - I work for an academic faculty practice plan or academic medical center

C.  Hospitals - I work for a hospital

D.  Other Providers - I work for a provider type or organization other than a physician-owned medical group, hospital or academic practice (e.g., an ambulatory surgical center, a physical therapy provider, an imaging center, a clinical laboratory etc.)

  • What are do you want to know?  What are you concerned about?

A. Physicians and Physician-owned Medical Practices

B.  Faculty Practice Plans and Academic Medical Centers 

C. Hospitals

D.  Other Organizations

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