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Product features

StarkCompliancePlus Solutions provides medical practice professionals and others with practical information on the Stark law's requirements, along with ideas and pragmatic solutions to Stark compliance challenges. Use StarkCompliancePlus Solutions to:

  • Assess whether a medical group meets all of the requirements of a "group practice" under the Stark law;
  • Study detailed examples of physician compensation systems designed to promote Stark law compliance in medical groups, hospitals and other settings;
  • Understand what specific ancillary and other "designated health services" are subject to the Stark law; and
  • Answer other questions and obtain information and solutions related to the Stark law's impact on physicians, hospitals, academic practices and other health care organizations.

Key features

Content suites - Find information by topic or site of service. New areas include specialty-specific information on Stark compliance for cardiology and orthopedic practices.

Tools - StarkCompliancePlus features examples of physician compensation systems that meet federal guidelines for the Stark and antikickback laws and self-assessment tools to help you critique your compliance to these mandates.

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